Early Wheatstone



          Wheatstone no.908 treble concertina, built late 1844. Only 109 instruments were built that year. 


  • Rosewood ends, with wooden (spruce) baffle.
  • 48 Ivory keys.
  • German silver reeds in hand cut reed frames (square). The instrument has the early type valves; straight (square) hand cut.
  • New bellows; an exact copy, including color and papers (early gold star pattern), of the original. 
  • The instrument is in its original high pitch (A=452.5 Hz.) and tuned in mean-tone. 

          Because of the high pitch and the mean tone tuning I can't use the instrument in combination with
          a piano.  I use it mainly during lecture/recitals. It is perfect for the early solo repertoire, such as the
          Case Serenade,  the Morceaux by Blagrove, etc.. 

          The instrument is in perfect condition. Although it has German silver reeds (which have hardly been
          touch over the last 150 years), the sound projection and equilibrium on stage is amazingly good.
          The sound in combination with the mean tone tuning opens a door to a different world. It gives a taste
          of mid-Victorian music culture.  
          This instrument has been  restored by the Concertina Connection.