how to remove and install
(accordion) reeds



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         ________________________________Removing old reeds
pic 1, 2, 3

            1:  Insert the tip of a screwdriver or knife in the wax just above the frame
               and push the frame forward. Don't remove the old wax.

         _________________________________Reducing chambers
pic 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

            2: Mark the length required with a pencil, and cut the material with scissors or
                a knife.

            3: Glue the material on the reed side wall of the chamber, flush with the outside edge.

            4: Repeat for the top of the chamber.  Use any water based glue.

The new reeds
pic 9

          5: The new reeds are valved and in pitch order. You can hear the pitch of the reeds
                  by plucking them with the tip of a (small) knife.


         _________________________________ Installing the
pic 10, 11, 12, 13, 14                                            new reeds

        6: Position the reed on the reed block.

            7: Position the old wax around the frame. Add new wax if necessary

            8: Heat the tip of a screw driver, or use a warm (not hot) soldering iron.

            9: Touch the wax with the hot screwdriver/soldering iron just long enough
                to make the wax flow. The wax will set in a few seconds.