Lachenal Edeophone Baritone


          Lachenal 48 key  Edeophone Baritone no. 58471,  built around 1925.


  • amboyna ends (French polished)
  • 48 24 carat gold keys
  • 7 fold bellows

          The baritone is the perfect solo concertina. It is of course also used in ensembles, but the compass
          and usually beautiful balance of these instruments makes them the ideal solo instrument.  

          Unfortunately there is, in comparison to the treble, not much repertoire written for this instrument.
          Except for several pieces by Giulio Regondi, such as Remembrance, variations on 'Thou art gone
          from my Gaze' etc., the choice of original Victorian repertoire is fairly limited.

          This instrument has been  restored by the Concertina Connection.