Lachenal Edeophone


           Lachenal Edeophone 48 key treble no. 56581, built ca. 1923.


  • Amboyna ends with ebony border (French polished).
  • 48 glass keys.
  • new 7 fold bellows.
  • high precision riveted replacement action.

          This is my principle instrument for classical and contemporary repertoire, like 'Pinsk and Blue' by
          Alla Borzova and 'Song of the Sea' by Oliver Hunt, and the 'Concerto for Concertina and String' by James
          Cohn on this instrument (XLNT Label).   Although it is loud enough to 'compete' with a concert
          grand piano or orchestra, it still has a warm tone.
          This instrument has been restored by the Concertina Connection. 

          detailed pictures of the restoration