Geuns Concertinas





Anglo with Amboyna ends 

Geuns concertinas are high quality hybrid concertinas, combining traditional materials and design with accordion type reeds. They are available in 30 key anglo and 48 key english treble and baritone models.




 sound files

Geuns Anglo

( MP3 340kb) 

( MP3 920kb) 

Geuns English Treble

( MP3 330kb):"Cat on the prowl" (from Jazz Menagerie) by Stephen Jackman (see the Music editions section.)

Geuns English Baritone

( MP3 1mb):Remembrance (score) composed in 1872 for baritone  by Giulio Regondi.   


The accordion type reeds are screwed directly on
the reed pan. 
The sound difference between accordion  and traditional concertina reeds is the result of  the number and amplitude of the harmonics.
During the last century the objective in accordion reed production has been air economy (better fitting reeds), and brightness, which is obtained by a high number of harmonics with a slow and even decrease of amplitude. 

Today the manufacturing of accordion reeds is a high-tech industry, where every aspect of the reeds is tested and monitored.
Compared to accordion reeds, concertina reeds have a lower number of harmonics with a strong amplitude drop. 



amboyna 48 key baritone

The instruments come standard with black 6 folds leather bellows. Extra folds, different colors, and bellows papers are optional. See our bellows page for details.
We use the finest quality goat skin, tested for impurities and air tightness. 


The action of the Geuns concertina is probably its most impressive feature. Similar to top Vintage instruments, this is a riveted action. The design of the brass post, through which the lever moves, eliminates all  side movement of the button, which makes the action very quiet, smooth and fast.

Most of the 'pad' noise has been eliminated by reducing the pad-action board surface (not visible in the picture) with about 80%.
This allowes spring pressure to be reduced to < 65 grams.


All Geuns models have Wheatstone type keys: wooden core with a metal sleeve.
The top of the keys can either be flat, domed or rounded depending on preference.
Because of the wooden core, the keys weigh only a fraction of the solid type keys.  Lighter keys mean faster and quieter action.





Prices and Warranty 
The price of the basic 30 key Anglo model with wooden ends is Euro 1900. With Amboyna veneers Euro 2000.*

The price of the basic English Treble model is Euro 2100. With Amboyna veneers Euro 2200. *

The basic baritone model is Euro 2500. With Amboyna veneers Euro 2600.*

*(European residents add 19% VAT).

The price includes a custom made case. Geuns concertinas are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of five years.


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