Restoration of a Lachenal Edeophone




          The condition of this instrument was, as most edeophones, rather bad. The instrument has been
          completely restored. Restoration included:

  • repair and refinishing of the ends. Besides the 'holes' caused by the thumbnail, several parts needed new
    amboyna veneer. The finish is French Polish.
  • replacement of the Lachenal action. The action is the weakest part of a Lachenal concertina. The best
    way to 'solve' this problem is to replace it.
  • replacement of bushings and springs etc.. a standard restoration consist of :
    Action: new springs, key hole bushing, key-lever bushing, key end circles, pads/sampers, cleaning and
    polishing of the keys, regulation of the action. Key travel 3.2 mm, key pressure +-55 grams. 
  • reeds: new valves, voicing and tuning.  The instrument is tuned to A=440Hz. We skive our valves
    to make sure to get the maximum air flow without the 'gurgle' of the valve.
  • replacement bellows. Instead of patching and re-staining worn bellows, I choose to replace them with
    new all leather 7 fold bellows.


          Note the 'hole' next to the thumbstrap, caused by the thumbnail. The amboyna veneer has been
          completely 'scraped' out. 



          The same instrument, finished. The 'hole' in the previous photo has been replaced with a new piece
          of amboyna.




          This is the standard Lachenal 'hook' action. The lever is kept in place by the spring pressure. The action is
          just as 'fast' as a riveted one, but it is very noisy.  It also needs more spring pressure to keep the pivot point
          from moving.  This extra pressure makes the instrument play heavier than a riveted one



          This is the same instrument with a replacement riveted action. The brass post, through which the lever
          moves, eliminates all side movement of the button. As a result the action is very quiet and even. The spring
          pressure can be reduced because the friction is reduced to a minimum.



          The condition of the bellows are beyond repair. Instead of  'patching' them, I replaced them with new 7
          fold all leather bellows.


new 7 fold bellows



See the completed instrument