Concertina-Piano duo

          There are only a few professionally trained musicians in the world who specialize in the
          concertina. The predominance of amateur players, who use the instrument mainly in folk music,
          and the still existing idea that the concertina is merely a simple 'toy' instrument, have eventually
          resulted in the loss of the highly developed playing techniques from the19th century.
          With the loss of these skills, developed by players like Giulio Regondi, Richard Manning
          Blagrove etc., the original Victorian repertoire became unplayable for most  players. By the
          end of the 19th century the existence of the  concertina as a concert instrument came to an end,
          only to reemerge at the end of the 20th century, to reclaim its place in the art music scene.    

          The concertina-piano duo (Wim Wakker, in the background right and Paul van der Reijden,
          left)  is an unique professional duo which performs the19th century repertoire for this
          combination. The use of different instruments from that period  gives a fascinating taste
          of the Victorian music scene. The concertinas used during concerts and lecture/recitals range
          from a Wheatstone built in 1844 tuned in (high pitch) mean-tone, Wheatstone amboyna 56 key
          from 1877, Wheatstone-Boyd built in 1901, Lachenal amboyna 48 key Edeophone built in 1923,
          to a Lachenal amboyna baritone with gold keys from around 1925.  All instruments are restored
          by the Concertina Connection.

          Commissioning and performing new repertoire for the concertina is one of the duo's main goals.
          Convinced of the fact that an instrument should also be part of the contemporary music scene,
          compositions by Alla Borzova, Keith Amos, Rien Snoeren, Oliver Hunt etc. are a permanent
          part of their repertoire.

          Wim Wakker and Paul van der Reijden have given concerts and lecture/recitals in the Netherlands,
          Belgium, Germany, USA as well as live radio and TV recitals and interviews..  

          Pianist Paul van der Reijden  holds graduate degrees in violin, organ and piano from the Utrecht
          Conservatory of Music, and conducting from the Brabants Conservatory of Music. Besides his
          involvement in this duo, he is also active as a violinist and conductor.  In addition to his
          performance activities, he is on the faculty of the Schools of Music in Bunnik and Woerden

          Concertinist Wim Wakker studied classical accordion at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music
          in Amsterdam and the University of Denver, Colorado. He holds graduate degrees both in music
          performance and education. In 1997 he was the first person to receive a honorary degree in
          concertina. As a teacher, he was a long time member on the faculty of the Schools of Music in
          Woerden and Nieuwegein and taught the Concertina program at the Brabants Conservatory of
          Music, which was the only concertina program at college level.

          For information regarding concerts, lectures/recitals and educational programs contact us.