Bellows Repair




          Bellows are a vital part of a concertina. They consist of leather, linen and card board. When an instrument
          has not been used for a long period of time, chances are the leather has dried out and hardened. They might
          still look fine from the outside, but when the instrument is being played again, the leather hinges, gussets
          and top runs are likely to crack. Usually it pays to replace old bellows, because the leather might have
          deteriorated beyond repair. The more you play -move the bellows- the more leaks will occur.



          The inside of the bellows. Visible are the gussets (leather corners) and the white leather hinges.

          Note the cracks in the leather hinges. If the bellows are used in this condition, chances are the strain on the
          outer hinges and gussets will cause considerable damage, often resulting in replacement of the bellows.

          In this case the leather hinges have to be replaced.




          The corners of these bellows (belonging to an amboyna edeophone) are cracked. The old patches have been
          removed.  This kind of damage is often the result of the bellows  rubbing against clothing.




          Since the damage is limited to only 3 corners, the bellows can be repaired. Besides the cracks, these bellows
          also need some cosmetic work. They are covered with stains, 'bald spots' etc.




          After the repairs are made, the bellows are re-stained in the original color. The repairs are hardly noticeable
          any more. (this photo shows the exact same part of the bellows as the previous ones.)




          The finished product. Patched, new hinges, re-stained and greased. As good as new.